Oh, and I just wanted to say this. I am 13, turning 14 July 31st, and I feel like sometimes I can’t do things I want to because everybody think that I am too young. The thing is that some 13 year olds are rather obnoxious, but not all of us are. A lot of us have a higher mental capacity and are…

What? The mental capacity of a smiley banana and someone with the name hiimalexandraitsnicetomeetyou. 

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118. Some of the more daring muggleborns sneak Vodka in to Hogwarts and eventually convince the pure bloods to try it, surprisingly, they love it  and now every year a committee of muggleborns bring hoards of vodka and mixers with them to Hogwarts after each holiday and ‘secretly’ sell it down in the dungeons at night and piles of students have to sneak down to buy it.

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"No one will be alive by the last book. In fact, they all die in the fifth. The sixth book will be just a thousand-page description of snow blowing across the graves."
- George R.R. Martin
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“mickey mouse it says you want to divorce minnie because she was…… extremely silly?”

“no, i said she was fucking goofy”

please stop reblogging this i stole this joke from my brother

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